Best International Courier Services, Shipping & Cargo

On Point Express LLP is a well-known Indian brand with a trusted name in the international courier services industry. We can provide a fantastic international package service that is quick, dependable, and flexible. Thanks to our affordable International courier charges. Complete monitoring of express shipping to every corner of the world guarantees that your packages arrive at their destination on schedule and as planned. We have high-performance partners around the globe.

The worldwide courier service of On Point Express LLP provides a wide selection of global shipping solutions using either air, sea, or road transportation. To most major cities, our international courier services offer transit times of 2-5 days. We provide a 2-3 day road service with incredibly affordable international courier charges for things up to 30 kilos. Subject to transit times, we can deliver particularly urgent or large/heavy products, e.g. documents, parcels, and goods from individual clients, business houses, industries, commercial units, and e-commerce units on the same day on a designated track.

Best International Courier Services, Shipping & Cargo

International Courier Services: Professional Packaging & Shipping

We are an international courier service and logistics company that runs out of an expanding network of high-traffic retail locations. We are the top specialised packing and delivery business. We send packages internationally through courier to places all around the world. We can ship anywhere with our international cargo services, thanks to our customised packaging options and extensive delivery services.

Along with timely deliveries, we place a high priority on the consignments' security. To do this, our team members and global distribution network work together to ensure the courier gets to its destination safely and securely.

B2B and B2C Cross-Border International Shipments

Whether you want B2B or B2C shipments to be delivered on time, with us, you don't have to worry about the delivery date. We manage all B2B and B2C cross-border shipments involving the shipping of documents, domestic items, express shipments, e-commerce packages, and international freight. Our international cargo services can assist you in offering services to clients that want nearly immediate delivery. Although we never promise any non-practical turnaround dates. We make sure that you get your courier as soon as possible.

Our first-rate international courier services ensure the swift delivery of all personal and commercial products. We are the most effective door-to-door service providers for importing and exporting documents, packages, and cargo, thanks to our trustworthy, adaptable, and high-quality service for on-time deliveries. Our technology improvements enable you to track packages and deliver goods in real-time, allowing you to eliminate the ongoing worry about on-time delivery.

international courier services
international courier services

Why Choose International Delivery From On Point Express LLP Global Reach:

We're connected all over the globe, so no matter your parcel's destination, our international cargo services will deliver.

Affordable International Courier Charges:

Our international courier services provide cost-effective door-to-door parcel delivery. Select the date of delivery to more than 200 nations around the world.

Safe & Secure Solution:

Ensure priority delivery of valuable & sensitive commodities. Whether you want to deliver the things like chemical samples, fabrics, handicrafts, garments, auto parts or gifts, and food items to your loved ones, our international cargo services will cover it all.

Partner with Multinational Courier Brands:

We work with multinational courier brands such as FedEx, ARAMAX, and DHL.

Reasons to Choose Our International Courier Services for Reliable Global Shipping

Choose our reputable international courier service for your shipping requirements. It's critical to select a service that meets your unique needs, and some of the compelling reasons for choosing our international courier shipping services are-

Deliveries That Are Trustworthy and Timely

Reliability is crucial when it comes to international shipping. Our international cargo services have a solid reputation for reliably making on-time deliveries. We are aware of how important timely delivery is to both individuals and businesses. Whether you're operating your e-commerce business, exporting items to a far-off market, or sending a present to a friend or family member abroad, you can count on us to make sure that your shipments get to their destination on time. We are proud of our history of timely deliveries, and we've refined our processes to prevent delays even in the face of unforeseen difficulties.

Reach & Network Globally

On Point Express LLP can practically reach any location in the world because of the broad global network of our international courier services. Whether you're delivering a package to a busy city or a far-off town, our global network of offices and partners makes it possible for your shipment to reach even the most remote places. For companies wishing to broaden their market reach or for those who need to stay in touch with loved ones abroad, this worldwide reach is very valuable. Our worldwide courier network can deliver your cargo anywhere in the world. We also provide cross-border shipping, which gives companies the chance to tap into new international markets and clientele. By reaching previously untapped customer bases, boosting revenues, and enhancing brand recognition, it enables corporate growth.

Comprehensive Customs Expertise

It is frequently necessary to navigate challenging customs laws, paperwork requirements, and processes when shipping internationally. A team of professionals from our international cargo services are skilled at managing these nuances. We can help you by putting together the required customs paperwork, making sure your shipments adhere to all rules, and hastening the customs clearing procedure. Both individuals and companies engaged in international trade can benefit greatly from this knowledge.

Partner With Multinational Courier Brands

Our strategic partnership with renowned multinational courier brands, including FedEx, ARAMAX, and DHL, offers numerous advantages. Joining forces with these business titans gives you access to a multitude of resources and a global network that can greatly improve your shipping operations. Our partnership with FedEx, ARAMAX, and DHL, first and foremost, assures an unmatched degree of dependability and confidence. These delivery behemoths are known for making secure and on-time deliveries, giving customers a reason to trust you and raising the legitimacy of your business. Our customers can be sure that their shipments will get treated with the utmost care and arrive on time.

Security, Tracking, and Peace of Mind

When it comes to overseas shipping, security comes first. We recognize the value of your packages and the criticality of their safe delivery. To prevent theft or damage to your products while they are in transit, our international courier services have put in place strict security procedures. We also offer reliable tracking services that let you keep tabs on the status of your cargo in real-time. You can have peace of mind knowing exactly where your delivery is at all times, thanks to tracking and visibility. In the unlikely event that a problem does occur, our committed customer service team is prepared to help and identify solutions right away, making sure that your shipping experience is stress-free.

Additionally, we are the best alternative for all of your international courier shipping requirements due to our insurance choices, tailored solutions, affordable prices, environmental responsibility, user-friendly web tools, flexibility in pickup and delivery, and stellar reputation. We are eager to work with you and ensure that goods arrive at their destination promptly and safely. If you want a shipping experience that goes above and beyond your expectations, choose our international courier services.

We provide international courier services to 200 countries worldwide. Our vast network enables efficient and dependable delivery to various countries, making international deliveries simple and convenient for our clients.
The expected arrival time for overseas orders might vary depending on different factors, including the destination country, shipping method selected, customs clearance, and any unexpected delays. International courier services often include choices such as express (3-5 business days), Standard (7-10 business days), and economy (10-20 business days).
You can use the tracking number issued by our courier firm to trace your international courier package. Input the tracking number into the website or tracking app to obtain real-time information on the status and location of your cargo.
The required documents can vary by country and the nature of the shipment, but commonly required documents include: Sample/Commercial invoice, Packing list, Bill of lading or airway bill, Export/import permits (if applicable), Customs declaration forms, etc. We will guide you for specific documentation needed for your shipment.
It is essential to be aware of limits on specific products when exporting overseas. Hazardous chemicals, guns, drugs, counterfeit goods, perishables, and particular agricultural products are examples of often banned things. To guarantee seamless shipping, we always verify and examine the destination country's customs procedures to ensure compliance with their specific restrictions and criteria.
Several significant factors impact international shipping prices, making them varied and frequently complex. The destination country and its location within that country are important considerations, with distant or inaccessible regions sometimes paying greater expenses. The weight and dimensions of your product have an influence on shipping prices, with heavier or bulkier items costing more to send. Your shipment mode, such as express, standard, or economy, will also impact the pricing.
It is critical to utilize strong packing for overseas shipping to protect your valuables throughout long voyages and customs examinations. Choose strong, corrugated cardboard boxes or padded envelopes that can withstand overseas shipping. To avoid movement inside the container, make sure your packing matches the size of your products. To preserve fragile things, use high-quality cushioning materials such as bubble wrap or foam.
We provide insurance solutions for overseas shipments as a courier service. Shipping insurance protects your important things while they are in transit. It protects you against probable losses, damages, or theft up to the declared value of your shipment. Insurance costs vary depending on criteria such as reported value, delivery method, and destination. We strongly advise purchasing insurance, especially for high-value or irreplaceable objects, as it gives peace of mind during an unforeseen event.
Our courier service company simplifies scheduling a pickup for your international courier consignment.
Follow the instructions below:

Please Contact Us: To begin the pickup request, feel free ro reach our customer service team through our online platform or via phone.

Provide Specifics: Include your name, contact information, shipment information (size, weight, and contents), and the destination address.

Pickup Time: Select a suitable pickup day and time slot that works for you.

Confirmation and Payment:

  • Examine the information.
  • Confirm the pickup request.
  • Make necessary payments for shipment and extra services such as insurance or tracking.

Prepare Your Package: Check that your shipment is appropriately wrapped and labeled by our specifications.

We understand your concerns if your foreign package is delayed or misplaced. In such instances, our courier services firm acts quickly. On Point Express LLP undertakes a rigorous tracking and investigative procedure to discover the source and location of the delay or loss. Throughout the procedure, our dedicated customer care staff keeps you updated. If your cargo is lost or damaged, we can walk you through the claims process to guarantee you receive reimbursement depending on your insurance coverage.

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