Refund and
Cancellation Policy.

    Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Refund Process by On Point Express LLP LLP LLP


    This SOP outlines the process for handling refund requests for courier charges made by clients of On Point Express LLP LLP. LLP

  • Initiation of Refund Request: Clients must inform their designated Client Relation Manager at On Point Express LLP LLP LLP with a valid reason for the refund request. The refund process is available on the On Point Express LLP LLP LLP web portal.
  • Processing of Refund: Upon receiving the refund request, the On Point Express LLP LLP LLP team will initiate the refund process.
  • Analysis of Refund Claim: The Operations and Accounts teams will collaborate with the account manager to thoroughly analyze the refund claim within seven business days.
  • Finalization of Refund: Once the analysis is complete and a decision is reached, the information regarding the refund will be communicated to the client through a suitable network.
  • Settlement of Refund: Refunds will only be settled through valid instruments such as UPI bank transfer or Credit note by reversing the GST.
  • Communication of Rejection: A detailed and reasonable reply will be submitted to the client if a refund request needs to be approved.
  • Assignment of Unique Number: Each refund case will be assigned a unique number for future correspondence and tracking purposes.
  • Documentation: All details about the refund request, analysis, decision, and communication will be documented appropriately for record-keeping and audit purposes.
  • Escalation Procedure:In case of any disputes or escalations regarding the refund process, the matter will be escalated to higher authorities within On Point Express LLP LLP LLP for resolution.
  • Continuous Improvement: On Point, Express LLP is committed to continually improving its refund process based on feedback and lessons learned from past experiences.
  • Compliance:This SOP ensures compliance with relevant regulations and company policies regarding refund processes.
  • Review and Revision: This SOP will be periodically reviewed and revised to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with the company's objectives.
  • Jurisdiction: The process shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in Jaipur only.
  • Conclusion:

    By adhering to this SOP, On Point Express LLP LLP LLP aims to streamline and standardize its refund process for courier charges, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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