These are the 5 Cheapest Courier Services For Your eCommerce Store!

With India becoming a hub of eCommerce and online selling market, the shipping and logistics service providers have also witnessed a boom in their numbers. For every eCommerce business owner, it is imperative to ensure that their orders are being delivered on time and in good condition. In addition to this, they also have to ensure that their shipping cost is not eating into their profit figures.

eCommerce owners remain on a constant lookout for affordable and professional shipping service providers so they can meet their delivery deadlines. Finding one that has the highest success rate and decent pricing as well can get a tad bit confusing.

Here is a list of ten best and cheapest courier services in india and suitable for e-commerce companies.

India Post Service

If you are looking for a Courier services provider that has the most extensive coverage across the nation, then India Post Service is the most reliable name. Even regarding prices, they are among the most affordable options that you would ever see. They have also been vouched for their reliability in sending the package even at the remotest location.


With their reasonably competitive prices, FedEx is considered to be one of the most reliable shipping partners for every e-commerce venture in India. The only drawback with FedEx is that they do not cover a wide area for delivery, which might be a problem with e-commerce companies as they may receive an order from any part of the country. Other than that, they have wonderful reviews about their delivery and pick-up services. Also, it is renowned for its international shipping model and comes with a variety of shipping options for its sellers to choose from. 

First Flight Couriers

First Flight is slowly but increasingly strengthening its position in the competitive shipping sphere. They have spread themselves across the nation and are highly affordable for new e-commerce ventures. They ship to over 220 countries and have over 10 offices across the globe. Their pin code coverage is near 4500 pin codes across India.


Another unique name in the list is that of Aramex, even though they are amateur, but they are good enough to meet the shipping requirements of a new e-commerce business looking for an affordable and reliable shipping partner.

Blue Dart

Blue Dart is a well-known name in shipping and logistics operations in the country. Their prices might seem high, but you get the option to bargain. Their high customer satisfaction rate is enough to make use of your persuasion skills.


In this fast-moving world, if you’re looking for a solution that offers you all of the cheapest courier partners at discounted prices, then Onpoint is your best option. On Point Express LLP has partnered with courier partners like Aramex, First Flight, and DTDC to provide automated shipping solutions to e-commerce companies. It is an automated solution that allows e-commerce businesses to choose a delivery partner for every order depending on the price, pickup, or delivery region and their preference. Moreover, companies can also get to sync their orders from all channels and ship them from one platform. 

With such options available at their disposal, eCommerce companies can choose the cheapest courier partner for their store.

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Are there any limitations or restrictions on the destinations covered by the cheapest courier services?

Yes, the cheapest courier services frequently have destination restrictions, typically eliminating rural or difficult-to-access places. They may also impose weight or size restrictions and extended delivery delays. Furthermore, some destinations may charge additional costs or require specialist handling, reducing the overall cost-effectiveness of the service.

What role do the size and weight of packages play in determining shipping costs with the cheapest courier services?

With the cheapest courier services, package size and weight have a major impact on shipping prices. Heavier or larger packages typically have higher rates due to additional handling and shipping costs. Some services have weight and size limits, and exceeding them may result in additional charges. When employing these services, optimal packaging can assist in cutting delivery costs by minimising size and weight.

Are there any additional services, such as packaging assistance or order tracking, provided by the cheapest courier services?

The cheapest courier services may provide additional services, but they are frequently limited when compared to premium options. They may offer basic packaging services, such as supplying packaging materials, for an additional price. Order monitoring may be offered with fewer tracking updates and delayed information than higher-tier services. These additional services are typically supplied at a low cost or may be included in specific packages.

How can I find the cheapest courier service for e-commerce in india?

To get the lowest courier services for your eCommerce needs:

  1. Evaluate the services and prices provided by various suppliers online.
  2. Consider shipping speed, package size and weight constraints, destination coverage, add-on services, and customer feedback.
  3. Look for discounts or bulk shipping alternatives.
  4. Use comparison tools or contact providers directly to negotiate bespoke discounts based on your individual needs.
  5. On Point Express LLP provides the most economical courier services, ensuring affordability without compromising quality and efficiency.

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