How To Parcel Food And Other Perishable Items from India to Across the Globe?

When shipping perishable items such as food, it is important to take precautions to ensure that the items arrive at their destination in good condition. Sending food overseas could be a daunting task as you must ensure safe delivery if you want your goods to be distributed worldwide. Before you contact courier services and decide on your shipping strategy, you must be completely aware of all the information. One must be comprehensive with the crucial tips and tactics if you want to guarantee that the food items arrive in a state that makes them safe to eat.

International food shipping can be a bit more complex than domestic shipping, but there are steps you can take to make sure your parcel arrives at its international destination safely and efficiently. When shipping perishable goods, timing is essential, while the packaging is just one component. Be careful to stack goods of varying sizes and weights so that the heavier and larger food items are at the bottom and the smaller and lighter ones are at the top. On Point Express is the best courier company in Jaipur, Rajasthan, for sending food abroad at the best possible rates.

Tips to Consider When Sending Food And Other Perishable Items Overseas

Check Import Regulations

Before sending any items internationally, you must first check with your courier company. One should be aware of any restrictions that the destination country may have in order for your package to be accepted. It is also not possible to ship items overseas if they degrade easily. It is essential that you must check the import regulations and documents required by the country to which you are sending, as different countries have different rules and regulations regarding the import of food items.


When sending perishable items overseas, use insulated packaging such as styrofoam containers or insulated bags to keep the items at the correct temperature during shipping. You can also use dry ice or gel packs to help regulate the temperature. Moreover, clearly label the package while including the instructions for handling the package. On Point Express is known to be one of the best food courier services companies in Jaipur, Rajasthan, that can help you safely deliver your homemade foods.

Choose the Right Carrier and Shipping Method

Select a company that specializes in shipping perishable items and has experience in international shipping. One must compare the prices and services offered by different carriers. Always look for carriers that offer competitive rates and provide food delivery courier services that meet your important needs, such as tracking, insurance, and customs clearance. Also, choose a shipping company that will deliver your package quickly and with minimal handling. Undoubtedly, overnight or express shipping is often recommended for perishable items.

Plan for delays

Plan for unexpected delays by packing extra insulation or cooling agents in case the package is delayed in transit. You can consider using a carrier that offers to track information so you can monitor the package’s progress and address any delays as quickly as possible. One must also consider the season and climate of the destination country. For example, if you are shipping to a hot climate, you may need to use extra insulation or cooling agents to ensure that the food stays fresh.

Final Thoughts

The food that has been properly prepared can be shipped easily and can resist harsh weather conditions for a given amount of time. By shipping perishable items from India to other countries, people around the world can access unique and delicious products that are not available in their local area.

International food shipping services from India to other countries can help support local food industries by providing a larger market for their products and helping to promote and preserve traditional food products. Before shipping, one must know that each country has its own customs regulations, and it’s important to be aware of this information. Check with your carrier or a customs broker to ensure that your shipment complies.

Shipping perishable items from India can also help promote cultural exchange by introducing people to new and diverse food products and traditions. Moreover, parcelling food and other perishable items from India to across the Globe can be extremely beneficial to meet the growing demand for international food products and ingredients, especially as people around the world become more interested in exploring new cuisines and flavours. Choose the best food courier services like On Point Express, as it plays an important role in promoting international trade, supporting local food industries, and fostering cultural exchange.

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What types of perishable items are allowed to be shipped, and are there any restrictions on specific food items?

Perishable commodities allowed for shipment differ according to courier and destination regulations. Fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, and dairy products are examples of commonly recognized perishables. However, strict rules exist, and certain foods, such as raw meat, may be restricted. Additionally, homemade or unpackaged foods may not be allowed for shipping. It is critical to follow the destination country’s import procedures for any restrictions on perishable items.

Are there any restrictions on the quantity or weight of perishable items in a single shipment?

Yes, restrictions on the quantity or weight of perishable commodities in a single shipment differ according to courier and destination rules. Couriers frequently follow particular criteria to ensure safe and compliant transit. It is critical to check with the chosen courier about any restrictions on the maximum amount or weight of perishable items in a cargo.

Can I send non-food perishable items, such as flowers or plants, internationally?

Yes, you can send non-perishable things such as flowers or plants internationally. However, exact legislation and limits may differ by destination country. Check with the chosen courier and research the destination’s import requirements to confirm compliance and avoid any complications while shipping. Some nations may impose limitations or need additional documents when importing plants or flowers.

Are there any specific labeling requirements for packages containing perishable items?

Yes, shipments containing perishable foods frequently have strict labeling requirements. Common requirements include perishable labeling, handling instructions, and, in some situations, temperature-sensitive information. Also, overseas shipments may require additional customs documents.

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