Domestic Courier Services – Your Way to Send Post and Parcel Easily

The courier services in India has evolved in many dimensions. Today’s many forms of transportation offer a wide variety of shipping choices to guarantee the prompt and secure delivery of items. Several companies use these services extensively, and e-commerce companies are the main ones.

It has been observed that Domestic courier services are now popular in the e-commerce industry. Why? Because of the growth of the e-commerce sector and the need for secure delivery. These are the driving forces behind the same.

Domestic Courier Services Meaning

Domestic shipping, often known as a domestic courier, refers to sending an item through a carrier within the boundaries of a nation. Domestic courier businesses provide options for domestic shipping based on the contents, volume, and urgency of the recipient’s packages.

Domestic Courier Business – Different Types of Services

Domestic shipping companies offer a range of shipping choices depending on the size of the item, the delivery deadline, and the shipment’s contents. Using domestic courier services, one can effectively send commodities such as furniture, books, toys, food, stationery, office supplies, office equipment, pharmaceuticals, important documents, parcels and other stuff.

Based on the size of the parcel and the urgency of how quickly recipients need those items, you can avail of one of the following domestic services below –

  • Express Courier Service
  • Standard Courier Service 
  • Same-Day Courier Service
  • Freight Shipments
Types Of Service Delivery TimeMode Of TransportWhy Useful
Express Courier24 Hours – 48 HoursAirPerfect for urgent shipments
Standard Courier 3 to 5 Working Days (Regular Shipping)RoadThe most cost-efficient solution for non-urgent parcels
Same Day Courier1 DayAirPerfect For Time Critical Shipments
Freight Shipments3- 4 Working DaysRoad, AirTailored solutions for special shipping requirements

Track your Order: You will get your AWB tracking number via Email & SMS upon order confirmation. Each mode of service will allow you to track your parcel. With domestic courier tracking, you always stay informed about your shipments, regardless of your availed service. 

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Domestic Courier Charges & Cost Effectiveness

Depending on the size of the item (per KG), the delivery deadline, and the shipment’s contents, domestic shipping service covers a range of shipping costing choices. Companies calculate domestic courier services charges by their free calculator that helps you calculate courier charges based on the factors that are mentioned below:

Factors that Affect Courier Charges:

  • Distance between origin and destination
  • Weight of the package
  • Shipping Plan
  • Shipping Insurance
  • Shipping Mode

Domestic Courier Companies in India – On Point Express LLP

Some selected trustworthy businesses provide the best shipping services internationally and locally. On Point Express is a great option if you’re looking for domestic courier services.

Everyone, from corporate sectors to individuals, businessmen, dealers, exporters, and importers, has access to On Point Express’s domestic services. Our air and ground services have been in operation to fulfil your non-commercial and commercial shipping needs. They were created expressly to meet the needs of the Indian domestic market.

Individuals who move to new cities can rely on On Point Express LLP to supply their home needs reliably. They can use our services to transport their households, personal effects, food, medicines, excess baggage, unaccompanied baggage, and relocation services for the household.

We also provide regular shipments such as documents, parcels, commercial shipments, samples, air freightroad cargo and air cargo.

Check this out if you are looking for an eCommerce courier service.

We will arrange for your package to be delivered wherever you need it. To ensure that we can meet all shipping needs, On Point Express has established a broad network with our top alliances: Aramex, Blue Dart, FedEx, Delhivery, and UPS. Send your package with us, and we’ll handle all the delivery logistics on your behalf.

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