Packaging Solutions Help You Reduce Your Storage Space

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In order to cater to the ever-changing demand of your customers, it has become of paramount importance to make the available space more valuable. It is quite bizarre that the warehouse space proportion by online retailers and high-street retailers has almost shot up twice more in last 4 years until 2015. Surprisingly, this makes up to 40% of market. No warehouse today, remained vacant, which is evident from the fact the vacancy rates had reduced sharply from 2009-2015.

If you own a warehouse, the most common problem that might hit you is the storage space. In fact, the smooth operations of a warehouse are usually disrupted by three most common challenges, viz.:

  • Excess of wrong merchandize
  • Excess of the right inventory
  • Improper use of the warehouse space

Lack of space, adjusting large volume of inventory and reducing the cost of storage has almost become a menace for the storage space industry. However, by optimizing the space through effective packaging solutions, challenge of storage space can be tackled with ease.

Here are some of the packaging solutions that help you reduce your storage space to a large extent:

Air Cushioning

The inflatable packaging solutions are the innovative concept and help you reduce the storage space by as much as 90%. The airbags or air cushioning materials can be supplied flat, which eventually can be filled using compressed air while transporting. This can significantly bring down your storage space and also provide protection to breakable and fragile items during the transit.

Air Cushioning

Paper Cushioning

Paper cushioning is a great alternative to the bubble wrap. Providing cushioning to fragile items using paper packaging can be an ideal way to reduce your storage space. Ideally, one pallet of a good and innovative paper cushioning can replace as many as a dozen bubble wraps. This type of packaging is suitable for delicate items such as, electronics, glassware pharmaceutical and ceramics.

Paper Cushoning

Self-Erecting Carton Boxes

Cardboard Boxes

File Storage Boxes

These boxes that help you store your important documents and files can help you reduce the storage space, whether in a home, office or warehouse. These are ideal space-savers and are typically meant for the preservation of important files or documents. Also, they help in organizing the file covers with ease.


Recyclable Boxes

Packaging materials made from corrugated cardboard that can be recycled easily, is ideal for reducing the reliance on other materials, while also saving space. These boxes are also the need of today’s time and are much-demanded by customers as well.

Recycling Cardboard Boxes

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